Cancel all your subscriptions today.

Quickly and easily send a termination letter for all your subscriptions.

We send hundreds of termination letters daily to customers. We will send you a payment request after sending the letter. Payment is made only after the letter has been mailed, and all this for a single price of 30 euro.

How It Works


1. Go to the page of the company you want to create a termination letter for.


2. Fill out the questionnaire and specify when you want to cancel your subscription.


3. Let us send the termination letter. Now we wait. We send your termination letter at the price of 30 euro and you don't have to do anything else.

Send Your Termination Letter

In Two Minutes!

Send a termination letter to the company you want in two minutes. Quick, easy, and effective.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Check out the frequently asked questions or send us an email.

Are the company addresses correct?

We have verified the information of all companies and regularly check them. Did you notice a mistake? Let us know!

What happens after I click 'send termination letter'?

Once you have given us the task of sending a termination letter on your behalf to the specific company, we start working immediately! We draft, print, and send the letter to the company.

How can I pay for my termination letter?

After we have sent the termination letter, you will receive a payment request from us. You pay only after we have mailed the letter.

My question is not listed...

If your question is not in the frequently asked questions, send an email to and we will try to respond to your message within 5 business days.

About Us

ByMétis helps to terminate subscriptions or contracts by creating and sending termination letters on your behalf to companies you want to cancel the subscription or contract from. You provide us with the necessary information, we draft the termination letter, and you can take the letter for free or let us create, print, and send it to you all for a price of 30 euro.

Registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 91200725.

Envelope address: Geurdeland 17 G, 6673DR, Andelst (not a visit address)


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