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byMétis understands that canceling services is often unnecessarily complicated by companies. Whether you have to call during limited hours or navigate through endless web pages to find the cancellation page, all this is done intentionally to prevent cancellation. As a result, many remain undesirably tied to subscriptions.

That's why we are here to help you in this process, not by taking it over, but by providing you with the necessary tools in the form of a termination letter. Fill in your details and we will make sure you get a personalized letter that you can send yourself. And if you want even easier, we can print, pack, and send the letter on your behalf for a fixed price of 30 euro.

Our service is designed to help you terminate your subscription and service smoothly and without hassle. Do you have any questions or want more information on how we can help you? Our customer service team is ready to help. You can reach us at support@by-metis.com and receive a response within 3 business days.

You can also contact us in writing. Send your questions to the following address, but note that this is only for correspondence, not for visits.


Geurdeland 17 G, 6673DR, Andelst

Thanks to official registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK number 91200725), byMétis guarantees reliability. Free yourself from unwanted subscriptions and experience the ease of sending termination letters.

About Us

ByMétis helps to terminate subscriptions or contracts by creating and sending termination letters on your behalf to companies you want to cancel the subscription or contract from. You provide us with the necessary information, we draft the termination letter, and you can take the letter for free or let us create, print, and send it to you all for a price of 30 euro.

Registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 91200725.

Envelope address: Geurdeland 17 G, 6673DR, Andelst (not a visit address)

Email: support@by-metis.com

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