Quickly create a termination letter for ON THAT ASS through our platform by filling in your details. Copy and send the letter yourself for free, or let us do it for a fee to avoid dealing with customer service. Direct and free cancellation with the organization is also possible.



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I confirm that I have read and accept the General Terms. I authorize ByMetis to send a termination letter on my behalf and acknowledge that this service costs 30 euro, after which the invoice will be sent to my email address.

I want my letter to be sent as soon as possible and therefore waive my legal right of withdrawal.

ON THAT ASS Termination Letter


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Subject: ON THAT ASS Termination Request

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby wish to terminate my contract with ON THAT ASS in accordance with applicable consumer law. I kindly request you to terminate my contract immediately or as soon as possible.

I hope to receive written confirmation of the termination, including the exact end date of my contract, at my email address: .

I also request that you delete all personal data related to my membership in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and confirm to me once this process has been completed. This request includes the deletion of my data from all your systems and databases.

Thank you in advance for your proper handling.

Kind regards,

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Termination Letter for ON THAT ASS via byMétis

Do you want to terminate your subscription or contract with ON THAT ASS? No worries, byMétis will take care of it for you. On this page, you can easily create a ready-made termination letter for ON THAT ASS. Simply enter your details, and we will draft a ready-made termination letter for you. Would you like us to send the letter on your behalf? For a fee of 30 euro, we take care of everything for you, so you save time and avoid dealing with customer service. Remember, you can always cancel directly and for free with ON THAT ASS.

How Does It Work?

1. Select Service: choose the subscription you want to terminate at

2. Fill in Your Details: enter your personal details to create a tailored termination letter.

3. Take or Send: you can take the termination letter for free to send yourself. If you wish, we can send the letter on your behalf. For an all-inclusive price of 30 euro, we take care of printing, postage, and sending.

Why Waive the Right of Withdrawal?

Customers decide to waive the right of withdrawal because our service is performed immediately. This allows us to print the letter immediately, notify it, and send it by mail to ON THAT ASS.

After Sending the Termination Letter

Shortly after sending the termination letter, you will receive a confirmation message in your email. After ordering, we will also send you a detailed invoice by email within 14 days. You then have 14 days to pay the invoice.

Do you have any questions or need help filling in your details? Our support team is ready to help you. Contact us at Please note that we have no insight into the internal handling processes of the organization and cannot answer questions about the status of your termination. The processing process usually takes up to 30 days. If you have specific questions about the termination itself, please contact ON THAT ASS directly.

Common Ways to Cancel for Free

In addition to using our service, there are also other common ways to cancel for free. Choosing the cancellation channel is personal to each individual, and as a consumer, you have the freedom to choose how you want to cancel.

1. By Mail: send a termination letter by mail to ON THAT ASS. The advantage is that you have a written confirmation of your termination and a shipping receipt. Additionally, mail is a traditional and reliable way of communication.

2. By Email: send an email to ON THAT ASS customer service with your termination request. The advantage is that you have written confirmation of your termination. The disadvantage can be that getting a response sometimes takes a long time.

3. By Phone: call ON THAT ASS customer service to notify them of your termination. The advantage is that it is a more personal connection, and you can get an immediate response to your questions. The disadvantage is often long waiting times, pushy salespeople trying to change your mind, and you do not always have proof of your termination request.

ByMétis offers a smooth service for terminating subscriptions, such as ON THAT ASS, by taking full responsibility for drafting and sending termination letters. Our service is specifically designed to support you in effectively and effortlessly terminating your subscription without having to send the letter yourself.

When Can I Cancel My ON THAT ASS Subscription?

You can cancel your ON THAT ASS subscription at any time through We ensure that your subscription is terminated at a time that suits you, so you don't have to worry about the process.

Benefits of Using ByMétis:

When you choose ByMétis to terminate your ON THAT ASS subscription, you get several benefits:

1. Time Savings: You don't have to draft or send your own termination letter.

2. Convenience: With a few clicks, your termination is handled.

3. Security: We ensure that your termination letter is sent correctly and on time.

About Us

ByMétis helps to terminate subscriptions or contracts by creating and sending termination letters on your behalf to companies you want to cancel the subscription or contract from. You provide us with the necessary information, we draft the termination letter, and you can take the letter for free or let us create, print, and send it to you all for a price of 30 euro.

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